Two or Three full-day workshop

Attain behavioral science tools and know how and when to apply them to decrease unwanted behavior.


MILCOR CONSULTING provides both in-house training and/or customized workshops which are built around your organization’s particular human error discrepancies, in order to decrease them.

In order for the participants to take the steps needed to initiate the stages of change, they will work closely with the different constructs within the motivational phase diagram. This will also increase their understanding of the ‘true origin’ of the behavioral issue(s) in question.


Participants will then analyze previous case studies alongside the instructor and finally utilize theories and tools that have been validated to work to shape and change behavior. While at the same time, attaining a general understanding on which behavioral strategy/strategies is the best for the specific addressed concern (Each discrepancy must be approached independently).


Participants will also get a solid sense of mapping the context of the unwanted behavior and know the process needed for proper design for the behavioral strategy elected.


Participants are expected to know and be will able to demonstrate the following:


Produce new or original work

Design the behavioral approach- Investigate its effectiveness – Reanalyze, if needed


Justify a stand or decision

Critique data-Appraise appropriate outcome 


Draw connections among ideas

Differentiate and Organize data from mapping - Experiment with results from brainstorm – Question/Test & repeat


Use information in new situations

Sketch out tools needed - Implement relevant principles for desirable change


Explain ideas or concepts

Classify the construct of the behaviors in question– Explain how to use models and principles –Recognize and Locate the need for a behavioral strategy


Recall facts and basic concepts

Define theories, principles, and methods described – duplicate exercises performed – List behavioral strategies

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