There are several behavioral strategies that when used correctly can decrease human error.

MILCOR CONSULTING calls the collection of these strategies

The NudgeThem Method Tools:

Instead of thinking outside the box...let us REMOVE THE BOX ALTOGETHER by incorporating behavioral science methods into solutions that are derived from mistakes due to human error.

How many times have you  reviewed a corrective/preventative action plan where the root cause analysis has led to ‘RETRAINING NEEDED’? Yet, once the retraining is conducted and personnel have signed off that they have understood the procedure/process, the issue continues to pops up again and again throughout the year.

Why does this happen and how can this type of poor personnel behavior be decreased?

Science continues to prove that:


  • Barriers tend to be one of biggest reason why people do not perform as desired.

  • That if any of the constructs within the Motivational Phase fail, the desired behavior(s) are not achieved. 

  • We value social influences as well as environmental, therefore, social proof is a powerful factor

  • Cognitive biases are often a result of your brain's attempt to simplify information processing, which leads to irrational thinking

  • There are several principles, that when used ethically, can be used to persuade others to behave in a desired manner

  • Decisions that we make are affected by the layout/sequencing/and range of choices that are available

  • Utilizing behavior science to transform behavior is not only possible, but has been repetitively scientifically proven to work.


Yet knowing which behavioral theory/theories and or models/methods to apply can be tedious since the field is so vast and complex. This is where MILCOR CONSULTING comes in.


MILCOR CONSULTING is currently helping and taking clients with Behavioral Compliance related issues within the following areas:


  • Life Sciences

  • Health Care

  • Transportation  

  • Warehousing

  • Education





Energy Kristina Hansen



Energy Kristina is:


  • Behavioral Advisor for Life Science & Educational Organizations

  • Behavioral Compliance Change Architect

  • Orator within Behavioral Sciences


Energy Kristina is also:


  • Certified Lead Auditor

  • GMP and ISO knowledgeable/certified

  • RP and GDP knowledgeable/certified

  • ISO 9001, ISO 13485 certified

Energy Kristina is known to be/have:

  • Flexible but firm

  • Detailed but pragmatic

  • Very structured

  • Fantastic communication skills

  • Very energetic and motivating

  • Great stakeholder management skills

  • Extroverted

  • Works well under high pressure environments

Energy Kristina Hansen is the founder of MILCOR CONSULTING which is based in Copenhagen, Denmark. She is currently operating as a Behavioral Compliance Architect/Advisor where she advises organizations on how get to the root cause of human errors and helps to design nudges/persuasion tactics within their work areas to increase the desired behavior. Within this position, she also delivers university lectures (KU), gives presentations (Seminars/Symposiums) and directs and conducts certified training courses on and around the subject.

She has 17+ years in current measures towards internal and external audit and inspection within Life Sciences incl. Food, HealthCare, and Warehousing. Her audit scope is under cGMP, GDP, and relevant ISO standards. Energy Kristina is also strong within project management, promotion of motivating workshops, dealing with stakeholders in an above satisfactory way.




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Hendrik Sholm Skole
Concept Heidelberg
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r3 nordic
Hendrik Sholm Skole
Concept Heidelberg
Key Compliance
University of Copenhagen


Energy Kristina Hansen

Founder | Organizational Behavioral Architect & Advisor | Behavioral Science Orator


Phone: +45 3150 1705

CVR-nr: 38875450

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